Why You Should Buy Your Wedding Dress In-Store and Not Online

Wedding Dress Online

By Olga Pomeransky, Best for Bride

The internet is a popular shopping destination for almost anything you may need. Nevertheless, there are certain things that shouldn’t be purchased online. Your wedding gown is one of them!

For most brides, their wedding gown is the most expensive dress they will ever buy. It is also the focal point of the bridal look and deserves to be chosen with care. Shopping in-store is the sensible and correct way to buy a dress that is so important.

One of the biggest risks of shopping online is that it is impossible to determine the credibility of an online wedding dress shop from their website. Many shops advertise designer wedding dresses, but sell cheap knock-offs. When you place your order for a dress with sellers like these, there is every chance to receive an entirely different dress.

Many thrifty brides have learned this the hard way. Often attracted by bargains that sound too good to be true, these unsuspecting brides end up being duped by counterfeit shops. It isn’t uncommon for the dresses that finally arrive to be made from low-cost material or in a different design. There have even been incidences of the dress not arriving at all!

Now, if you were to locate an authentic online wedding dress shop, you would still be compromising on many aspects. Once again your decision would be based on a picture. Remember that even designer dresses can look quite different from how they are in a picture. Although you wouldn’t receive a cheap substitute when shopping at a reliable online store, you still never know if the dress will be just as appealing until you actually see it.

Take the example of brides who come for their dress appointment with a list of dresses they shortlist during research. Very few actually end up buying a dress from the list.

Moreover, shopping at a bridal boutique is a unique experience in itself. Good boutiques have experienced bridal consultants who will help you find the best wedding dress silhouettes for your body type. They can make valuable suggestions if you are unsure or confused. When you shop online, you do not have any of this guidance. Also, the most exciting part of wedding dress shopping is usually that “Aha” moment, when you try on a dress and fall in love with it. There is no way to experience that special moment when you purchase your gown online.

So, if you do decide to buy a gown online, proceed with caution. Or choose the safer and more exciting option of shopping at a bridal boutique.


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Photo courtesy of Mori Lee

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