The Role of the Groom in Your Caribbean Wedding

Role of Groom in Caribbean Wedding

By John Lindholm

So you’ve decided to have a destination wedding on the US Virgin Islands in St. Croix. Fantastic choice! A Caribbean wedding is romantic and memorable, but requires a lot of planning and coordination.

The going joke is that the bride plans 90% of the wedding, and while that just may be true, the 10% that the groom is responsible for is crucial to pull off the perfect island wedding.

But let’s start with what the groom need not worry about one single bit: the invitations, the bride’s dress, the bridesmaid dresses and their flowers, the cake, and the flowers for the ceremony and reception. The bride wants to take care of this. The bride will take care of this. Trust me.

However, the groom should plan a scouting trip to St. Croix to pick a venue for the ceremony and the reception. There are many options, so reserve enough time to get around and see everything. Part of this visit will include choosing an officiant, photographer, and either a band or DJ.

If you are planning on bringing any of them with you from home, the groom must plan all the travel arrangements and any lodging that will be required.

Once the venues have been selected, the groom should work with the bride to decide upon the wedding date, the menu for the reception, and the groom and groomsmen’s attire.

Now it’s time for responsibilities that are exclusive to the groom. There are aspects of a destination wedding that are vital to the success of the event that the bride won’t want or care to worry about.

First and foremost are the travel plans. How is everybody going to get to St. Croix? Will the bride and groom make flight reservations? Who is paying? The groom should gather the details, consult with the bride and whoever is paying for the event, and set the plans in motion.

Next are the accommodations. At the very least, the groom should reserve a block of rooms for the guest to reserve, or purchase them for the guests if the bride and groom plan to pay.

Marriage License
A bride and groom need a marriage license from the Virgin Islands Superior Court in order to get married on St. Croix. The groom should do all the research and apply for the license. He should also check in closer to the wedding to make sure all the
paperwork is in order. Visit

Wedding day transportation is another consideration. Most, if not all, of the guests will not have a vehicle. You might need to move more than 100 people from a hotel, to the beach, and then to the reception venue. Also, the groom will want to set up special transportation for his bride and the wedding party.

Although it is not at all glamorous, wedding insurance is crucial for a Caribbean wedding. Weather, illness, and myriad other situations could arise that might require a postponement or cancelation. The groom should make sure that the wedding insurance is purchased, and that it will cover a wedding in St. Croix.

Bride’s Gift
Finally, the groom should purchase a gift for his bride, to be given at the rehearsal dinner if that is appropriate. Certainly a Caribbean, Virgin Islands, or St. Croix themed gift would be perfect.

Any wedding requires tons of planning, and a destination wedding would necessitates even more. The advice above should help any groom make his Caribbean wedding the memory of a lifetime.

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