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May Belle & Doug Caribbean Wedding

By May Belle Fellenz
When my then fiance and I decided to move to St. Croix from Arkansas about a year ago, we decided that we wanted to have a beach wedding. After all, we were moving to an island paradise where beautiful beaches are almost always less than five
minutes away in any direction.

Our dream wedding wouldn’t have come true without the help of the wonderful people of the Palms at the Pelican Cove, who provided us with the perfect venue, Gloria Powell of Antilles Lilies for our superb flower arrangements, and Lindsay Kammerzelt for her wonderful photography. It was with great luck that I found last year’s edition of this Bridal Magazine while I was planning my wedding and found an ad for wedding cakes.

I want to thank Rasheeda Farrell of Seaside Market and Deli for working with me to make sure she created exactly the wedding cake that I wanted without breaking the bank. My husband and I want to thank everyone for their
dedication and hard work in making our Caribbean wedding dream extra special.

Being an RN, I can never underestimate the importance of having an emergency medical plan for any eventuality. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, here are some helpful tips that you can use to start an emergency medical plan.

Things you need to do and know:

  • Get to know the island. Know where the hospital is located. Visit it and decide whether you would want to be treated there in case of an emergency.
  • Before leaving the mainland, check with your insurance to see if they will cover medevac flights for emergencies while on vacation. Most U.S. health insurances do. If you have a wedding planner, ask them if they have their own emergency medical plans. If you have any concerns, discuss these with your wedding planner so that they can be addressed and planned for at the soonest possible time.
  • Be aware that not all doctors in the phone book are on the Island at all times. If you have a condition and may need a physician while vacationing, you may want to call ahead to see if the physician will be on the island during the duration of your wedding vacation.
  • Be aware that 911 is not always 911. There may be different numbers used for calling the police department, the first responders (fire fighters), and the ambulance. It will be beneficial to know these numbers and have them pre-programmed on at least two phones.
  • If a member of your party has to be flown out of the island, make sure you know where they are going so that family members can find them later. Not all medevac flights have room for additional passengers.
  • Finally, every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. You can do this by going on a cleansing diet a few (3-4) days prior to your wedding. Make your own water infusion by adding lime, cucumber, and rosemary to your water, drink 6 to 8 glasses each day. Instead of heavy meals, take the opportunity to eat the plentiful tropical fruits that can be bought cheaply from local farmers and side street vendors. Cleansing your body, even for a few days will make you feel healthy and rejuvenated for your special day.

Photography by Lindsay Kammerzelt, Lindsay Kammerzelt Photography

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