Real Caribbean Weddings – Jeanin & John

Jeanin & John Caribbean Wedding

By John Counts

Getting married on St Croix was by far the best venue we could have ever decided on. We met in California before moving to the islands, and we were considering getting married back home, but once we saw the gorgeous beaches we knew we needed to have our ceremony here.

We chose Butler’s Bay beach as our ceremony site because it was quiet, private, and had a great view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Best of all, there was no fee to use the beach for our ceremony!

Our wedding was very small, and some of our family doubled as photographer and officiant. Due to how small our guest count was, we decided to have our reception down the road at Rhythm’s at Rainbow Beach. They were phenomenal. The food and drinks were great, plus there was live music playing.

I would highly recommend R&B Connection to play at weddings. The songs were lively and upbeat, but still had the air of romance.

Even though we didn’t have a traditional wedding, the setting made it so beautiful and magnificent. There was even a rainbow after our ceremony concluded. Getting married on the wonderful island of St Croix was a truly magical experience and one we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives.

Photography by Eliane Neilson

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