Do You Really Need a Travel Agent?

Caribbean Travel Agent

By Geri Simpson

With all of the easy access to online travel portals and the myth that using a travel agent is an added expense, it is easy to see why folks believe that they are not a needed source.

It is only when they run into problems with their travel plans that they feel, “I should have called an agent!”

An expert agent can save you time and money in most cases. I say in most cases because all that is cheap is not necessarily the best.

An expert agent analyzes your needs and wants, and matches them to the best results. They are usually the first to know when an airline changes routes, raises the fare, or are out of seats. They know if you will have to make 3 stops to get to your destination or if it is better for you to pay a few dollars more and fly direct.

They know if a hotel is 30 miles from the airport and in the jungle with dilapidated rooms, poor service, a seaweed filled beach and rooms facing construction.

If it’s a destination wedding, sure the hotel has their own wedding planner, but who’s going to make sure you get everything you want and whether or not the property is even right for you and your guests.

Speaking of guests, do you really want to have to answer all of their questions regarding the flights, things to do and everything else that goes with the planning? Your local agent can fill in the gap and will be able to answer those questions for you.

That is what we are here for and why we are really indispensable. In the end we can save you money, headaches. It is why we do what we call ‘qualifying our clients’. It is why we spend so much time learning the destinations and the products and developing relationships with the vendors.

It’s all about you! You also must remember that time is money, so while we want to be there for you, we really appreciate when you answer our questions honestly, pick our brains, and that you book with us.


Geri Simpson Travel Agent
Geraldine ‘Geri’ Simpson is a native New Orleanean that has lived in Southern California 15 years and on the beautiful island of  St. Croix for 18 years before returning back to Louisiana where she has been since 1997. She is considered a ‘perpetual learner’, with a motto, “There is always something new to  learn”. Currently she is the owner of travel agency The NolaCaribe Connection, LLC, and wedding and event planning company G.Simpson and Associates, LLC, both of which she has had for over 40 years. She has been involved in almost every aspect of both  businesses in every place she has lived  including St. Croix.

She has owned and operated a catering business, restaurant, hotel management, hotel sales, public speaking, fashion design studio, employment agency, music studio where she taught piano and organ. On St. Croix, you may remember her at the Hotel Association, Toastmasters, St. Croix by the Sea, Professional Placement Services, The Seafood Haven  Restaurant, Camp Arawak, Creative Sales Enterprises, St. Croix People Society, People to People Program, St. Croix Jazz Society,  UVI Extension Service and St. C Condos.

Her belief is that the more you know the more flexible you are and if done right you can  easily find a combination that will work for you such as her knowledge of the wedding, travel and customer service business melding into one that can service local as well as  destination weddings, independent travel as well as honeymoons, and business travel.

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