By Randy S. Germain

You may fall from a tree-top;
You may fall from above;
But the best fall, is to fall in love.
Love, it comes in so many ways….
Amazing Love:
“Do not do it if you don’t mean it.”

Love, a time for feeling glad,
sometimes happy and sometimes sad;
Love, a time when friendship blossoms
and the beginning of special things that
you have always wished for,
Love, a time where joys are added,
comfort multiplied, sorrows subtracted
and love divided;
Love, a time when you just wish for wishes;
No matter what, no matter how,
no matter when.
Whatever you wish for,
that is what I will always be wishing for you…

Whatever warms your spirit and lightens your heart…
That is what I am wishing for you…
Whatever helps you to paint your dreams
and preserve your most beautiful memories…
That is what I am wishing for you…
Whatever gives you peace within yourself
and confidence with others…
Whatever cheers you, challenges you,
and touches you most deeply…
Whatever you are wishing for with all of your heart…
That is what I’ll always be wishing for you.

Best wishes,
Randy S. Germain


Photo courtesy of Elbeth Gillis Bridal. www.elbethgillis.co.za

Meticulously detailed, uniquely personal, and constructed from only the finest and most luxurious materials sourced from around the world, an Elbeth Gillis bridal piece is forever. Relentless in her pursuit for distinction and refinement, Elbeth embodies the same virtues that her brides find in her gowns – style, charm and uncompromising class. Brides looking for something different will fall in love with both the enduring, Audrey Hepburn-like design aesthetic, and the customer service for which the brand is known.

“A wedding gown is a magical thing. It’s a rare opportunity for today’s woman to completely transform herself—and that’s why I love what I do,” says Elbeth.
Elbeth Gillis, Wedding Dress Designer, www.elbethgillis.co.za

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