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By Nicola Robbins

Weddings are a common phenomena in the world. Almost everyone tries to make it a special occasion. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to find the most perfect wedding professionals to arrange such ceremonies, because it is said to be the ceremony of a lifetime. In the US, same-sex marriages were recently made legal by the legislators, here we will focus on the same-sex marriages.

Concept and Definition of Same-sex Marriage
Same-sex marriage is an arrangement where marriage occurs between same sexes instead of opposite sex. It is legalized in some parts of the world. And recently, US Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage.

Legal Jurisdiction of Same-sex Marriage
According to the same sex marriage law established by the Supreme Court of USA, “states cannot ban same-sex marriage, thereby requiring all states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Wedding Magazines are a Wedding Professional’s Guide
Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Wedding Magazines is a complete wedding solution source. It is filled with ideas for planning your wedding and businesses that cater to the wedding

Although we are new to serving same-sex marriages, nonetheless, it is quite obvious that everyone will be new to this industry. Many businesses will offer special packages during off peak seasons like discounts on wedding apparels, wedding calendars, wedding photography and many more. Numerous caterers offer delicious dishes with traditional and cultural flare.

Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Wedding Magazines specializes in destination weddings to St. Croix US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Since same-sex marriages are legal in the US, many businesses now offer services to those couples. There are businesses that offer wonderful suggestions for same-sex wedding attire. Like all couples, the couple should wear what makes them look and feel great on their wedding day.

Destinations for a Perfect Wedding
If you are looking for the finest wedding destination, St. Croix US Virgin Islands is the place. Many couples are making it their first choice among other wedding destinations. St. Croix Virgin Islands Wedding destination is comfortable enough to stay for the honeymoon.

Keep in mind that if you are a U.S. citizen a passport is not necessary, however you should have government-issued photo ID.  For more up-to-date information on entering the US Virgin Islands review information on United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism website:

Caribbean wedding destinations is one of the finest and lucrative wedding destinations in the world known for its aesthetic beauty and calmness. View Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Weddings magazines on line at for hotels, resorts, travel agencies, jewelry, makeup, flowers, limousines, dress attire and other logistics to carry the ceremony forward for the grand occasion.

In addition, the magazine includes businesses to help with your honeymoon and if you decide to make St. Croix US Virgin islands your permanent residence businesses such as real estate, restaurant, bakeries, clothing stores, gift stores, medical services and others are willing to serve you.

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