Nuptials for the New Mindset


By Geri Simpson

With the new ruling and much conversation about same sex marriages, the topic of “What this could mean for planners and destinations,” has also come about.

It has been my experience that if you are a planner with the right attitude it could mean lots of business.

By right attitude I mean one that believes everyone has the right to live their lives as they choose and with whom they choose. If that is not your belief then that niche is not for you.

It also means doing your homework just as you would for any other wedding to locate an acceptable venue and vendors to work with the couple. Know which destinations accept the new ruling such as the USVI and which ones don’t, like Jamaica for example.

St. Croix has long been home for many openly gay folks, therefore should be able to capitalize on the new regulations by welcoming folks to exchange their vows amidst its beautiful settings without worrying about being frowned upon.

After all, their “big day” is no less important than any other.


Geri Simpson is a wedding consultant and travel agent at G. Simpson and Associates, LLC.

Artwork courtesy of Naia Jozame.

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