From Japan to My Virgin Islands Wedding on to the Olympics


By Laverne Jones-Ferrette

I’ve known Stephen since my teen years. I would see him daily at Baptist Youth functions and I found him to be cute. At the time he was seeing someone else and I was seeing someone else also; so he was just eye candy.

Fast forward about ten years later. I came home for a summer break in June 2001 and was looking for a guy to hang out with. My best friend happened to have Stephen’s number because both of them knew each other. I asked her for his phone number and I decided to give him a call.

During our first conversation, I asked him to guess who I was, but immediately he responded back saying, “I don’t do guessing games!” I took a big gulp and said “OK, this is Laverne.” And that’s where it all began!

What I love about Stephen is he’s attractive, stays active, is stern, understands the sport I’m involved in and is brutally honest. If he doesn’t like something, he lets me know immediately and we find a balance and move on. On the other hand, what he loves about me is I have the ability to evolve in any situation, have a go with the flow attitude, my passion for track and my attractiveness!

I wanted to get married on St. Croix because it’s very beautiful, cultural, historical, and of course both of us were born and raised on St. Croix.  It was easier for both of us to fly home; moreover majority of Stephen and my family members lived on the island so it was very easy planning.

I planned everything on the US mainland and just had to mail a few things. Just a few family members had to travel to St. Croix.

Stephen and I decided to get married at the St. George Village Botanical Garden because I love nature and the outdoors. And what could be better than fresh air and a natural beautiful environment. My wedding day was astonishing! The weather was perfect everything ran smoothly and everyone was happy and comfortable!

The services were spectacular. Everyone was professional, patient, and made the day easy going. The photographer was fantastic! I heard about Denise through a good friend of mine who is also my massage therapist, Cleopatra Peter. We were in Osaka, Japan for the World Championships and I told her I was planning my wedding. She asked me if I had a photographer and I said not yet. She then bragged about this photographer who lives on St. Croix and she has a passion for photography. I was sold when she said she loves what she does and she is a perfectionist.

Some of our family still resides in St. Croix and some siblings are living in the United States. Stephen and I are now living in Houston, Texas with our four year old daughter Asana Ferrette.

As far as my accomplishments in track and field, I’m the first female Virgin Islander to accomplish six time All American allocate in college. Currently I hold the Virgin Islands records in three events (100m, 200m, and 400m) and have the sixth fastest time in history in the 60m with a time of 6.97. I competed in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympics. Ranked top ten in the World ranking in the 100m, and am the Sport Ambassador of the Virgin Islands! In addition, presently I am preparing for the 2016 World Indoor Championship
and 2016 Summer Olympics!

Photo: Bride Laverne Jones-Ferrette.  Courtesy of Denise Bennerson.

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