After the Honeymoon comes the Moneymoon


By Rae Russell

Prior to getting married, have you ever sat down with your fiance and discussed finances? Have you talked about how you will combine your incomes or how you will pay your bills? Have you talked about your saving and investing goals, your beliefs about money, your spending habits, your debts and credits?

So much planning goes into the wedding that most couples do not put enough emphasis on the “moneymoon”. It is a good rule of thumb to discuss how you will mingle your money before you actually tie the sacred matrimonial knot.

Discuss how you are going to handle your checking accounts. Plan for the arrival of the little bundles of joy. Get copies of your credit reports and review them together.

These money issues have long-term consequences but are often overlooked in the rosy glow of the honeymoon. To add to the complex equation there are also male-female differences when approaching money that haunts many relationships. The differences between men and women could lead to major clashes pertaining to money decision-making.

I am a firm believer that lack of proper financial planning is the number one reason why couples fight and is the number one cause of divorce.


rae-russellFinancial Coach Rae Russell, CEO/ Founder of Financial Coach 4 U, was born on the beautiful island of Dominica and was raised on St. Croix, USVI. Single mom of two fabulous children, Andrew and Andreah, Rae has branded herself as “The Financial Coach.” She wants people to know how to play and win at the money game. Premarital and post marital financial counseling is available virtually.

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Artwork courtesy of Naia Jozame.

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