The Role of Businesses in Caribbean Weddings


By Annamaria Heyliger-Hector, MEd, CWS

One of the top wedding destinations is the Caribbean. Caribbean weddings are unique because of the many locations and stable weather. Social media is promoting and shining the spotlight on many never before heard of destinations and we need to be prepared.

All of the businesses that participate to make that day a special occasion is made up of many small components. The main ingredients for example are the consultants/planners, photographers, videographers, caterers, musicians, beauty suppliers, travel agents, DJs, bakers, printers, and other
related service providers.

Destination weddings are a big part of our business and we have to be prepared in many ways to meet the needs of a variety of cultures and their
demands. We have a responsibility to keep our skills at the highest standards at all times and use the appropriate tools to market globally. While being globally oriented we have to be protective of the local culture as we promote the destinations.

It is important to network in all tourism or small business events so that each establishment have an opportunity to make a contribution. There has been an increase in destination weddings and whether the families have roots in the Caribbean or are visitors we have to promote our products and services. A lot of repeat business is word of mouth so it is imperative to make the best possible presentation ever.

As the owner of Evolve Consulting, the opportunity to work with different cultures through the role of Officiant and event planner has been extremely rewarding. It has truly broaden my outlook and prompted me to improve my skills and knowledge base.

I encourage anyone considering doing business to study your craft and become licensed, certified and seek membership in related global organizations. You command great respect when you can show your credentials and the ability to articulate factual responses to questions about your business.

Do not limit yourself; strive to be distinguished!

Annamaria Heyliger-Hector is a Certified Event Planner and Etiquette Consultant.

Photo: This local Candies and Tarts Buffet/Bar was a big hit with the guest at a wedding in St. Croix! Denise Bennerson Photographer

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