Green Weddings on St. Croix – FAQs for Engaged Couples


By Shelli Brin

What is a green wedding?

It is when a couple is environmentally conscious about the way they host their event; that it is environmentally friendly on the place where they have their event. They take active steps to either minimize negative impacts and/or increase positive impacts on that destination.

Something to keep in mind is that although we are talking about the wedding industry, this concept of ‘green’ speaks to beyond weddings. This speaks to the concept of a growing lifestyle brand of sustainability, the life-journey to an understanding of how everything is connected as a part of a heavily integrated global system.

As the American population has already begun to notice how the environment has been impacted by human use, there has begun a major shift in American consumerism towards more sustainable purchasing practices.

Is it possible to have a green wedding on St. Croix?

Of course it is. There is a growing number of couples that are already coming to St. Croix and local residents, searching for green wedding vendors and providers.

Why should I consider having a green wedding?

Simple, we are an island eco-system. Everything on land affects the ocean which is a major food and resource for island communities. Land use also affects freshwater sources.

How do I have a green wedding on St Croix?

The two big questions that can help couples find out how to make their wedding more green on St. Croix: is it biodegradable or eco-friendly and does it keep the dollars spent in the local economy.

A few more questions to ask are: where does it come from, and where does it go. Follow the bread crumbs all the way to the end. Research ways to reduce or even recycle the waste you produce.

Once these simple questions are answered, you will begin to develop a clearer picture of how to ‘green’ your wedding.

How do I find eco-friendly wedding vendors and/or products on St. Croix?

It will take a little bit of asking around. Although there is no one-stop source for this information… as yet, a good place to start is talking with on-island concierge services including Department of Tourism Visitor centers.

Having a local on-island wedding planner with good customer reviews will work greatly to your advantage as well. If you haven’t considered getting a wedding planner as yet, I recommend it. Most often they have plenty of experience of who the good quality vendors and business are to use. Best part is they can customize your wedding to being eco-friendly and sustainable.

How do I know if my wedding vendor is really using eco-friendly practices?

Well, keep in mind that St. Croix is still evolving into a convenient hospitality-oriented destination for having green weddings. So until many of the businesses go through that process of industry certifications that make it easy to identify them, word of mouth and referrals are still the number one way to find what and who you are looking for.

Shelli Brin has worked in event management within the tourism and hospitality industry for about 10 years with a focus on Virgin Islands destination weddings, government and corporate meetings and conferences. She has coordinated over 140 weddings (including an underwater one and her own) between St Thomas and St Croix in addition to over 30 events in the Meetings Incentives and Corporate Travel industry. She is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, Public Relations Member in her Rotary West group, and plays a very active role in her husband’s organic farming business. As a native Virgin Islander, she is passionate about a sustainable local tourism industry and developing the VI as a prominent destination for Green Weddings in the Caribbean.
Shelli Brin – Sustainability Professional, Event Planner, Wedding Planner

Photo:  The wedding décor was beautiful with the addition of this Beach Themed Wedding Cake.  Denise Bennerson, photographer

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