Tony & Deb’s St. Croix Love Story

By Debby Ambush

The year was 2004, and it was the spring of our discontent. While we were still beaming from our exciting, holiday engagement in Rio de Janeiro, we were struggling with our attempt to have a small, intimate wedding without appearing selfish to our family and friends.

God is good. We were toying with the idea of running away; when lo and behold, our dear friends Cecil B J and Annabelle Lockhart offered us the use of their St. Croix villa, as a gift!

With our accommodations confirmed, a wedding date was set, and our plane tickets were purchased.

We hired Minister Annamaria Hector at Special Occasions in Paradise because we liked her personal touch and approach.  The One Fine Day package included flowers, music, photography and videography. Minister Hector listened to us intently so she could learn all the things that were important to us, and personalize our wedding.

We planned a sunset wedding ceremony on the beach at Tamarind Reef Hotel and Marina. Minister Hector had envisioned the perfect spot for our nuptials; but, in the end, it seemed too close for comfort to another couple’s event, a problem
that turned out to be a blessing.

It was right in our face, that’s why we didn’t see it…the villa!!  Our very own villa would be lovely…with its beautifully manicured gardens and breathtaking hillside views…AHHH!!!  And, yes, need you ask? The wedding ceremony was perfect…elegant, intimate, fun, and romantic.

Following the vows, our party of ten gathered at The Galleon on the beach for a delicious dinner and Champaign toast, then back to our villa to dance the night away.  Everything we wanted and more than we ever imagined!

The rest of our time was spent exploring and enjoying the splendor of St. Croix…the people, the food and the magnificent landscape. What a great island!

Hey, that was 2004… almost a decade ago.  What do you think? Should we return to St. Croix in 2014, for a private 10th anniversary celebration, or should we be kind to our family and friends this time, and invite them all?  Shush….Please, don’t say a word!!

Tony and Debby Ambush reside happily in Silver Spring, MD where they own and operate Ambush Associates, Inc., an independent commercial insurance agency.  They enjoy extensive traveling, and spend much of their time at their second home, in Rio de Janeiro, BR.

Photo left: Debby and Tony Ambush at their  St. Croix wedding ceremony. Photo courtesy of Alda E. Anduze.

Photo right: Denise Bennerson, Photographer

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