Personal-Wedding Shopper

By Thamara Sleven-Cooper

For a perfect wedding party to succeed, preparation is the “key.” Some people say, “Really?”  There is a lot of patience, planning, communications and energy needed for a wedding. St Croix in the US Virgin Islands is the perfect wedding place.

We have the bright sun, beautiful beaches, great food, luxury hotels and most of all the friendly and knowledgeable people to help you prepare for your wedding day. I can ease your stress as you plan your dream wedding in America’s Paradise.

I will assist the bride and the groom in last minute details, changes and desires etc. My name is Thamara Sleven Cooper, your personal wedding adviser and planner. I have a background in Fashion and styling, penmanship, business and specialize in that personal touch that you might need.

I can take that burden off your shoulder and make you feel at ease. My service fees are negotiable prior to service rendered. I am confident, friendly and professional.

Thamara Sleven-Cooper
340-226-1338 or 321-443-5083

Denise Bennerson, Photographer

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