Our Romantic Beach Wedding

By Joannalee Maldonado

Planning a wedding in 4 months was no easy task. We both knew that we didn’t want to get married indoors, so it was decided to use one of the best features of St. Croix, the beach. We were blessed to have what we wanted. A beautiful sunny day with a soft sea breeze embraced us on our special day.

Mothering a 7 year old, a set of 1 year old twins, pregnant with a 2nd set of twins, working, keeping up with house chores and still planning our special day was all too overwhelming. I chose the colors and my husband planned the whole
wedding. Deep inside I knew I would have a beautiful wedding, because my husband has high taste for things. Supporting family and friends made this day unforgettable for us. Getting married on the beach was just whimsical, romantic and

It was a life changing event that will mark our heart internally. The significance of marriage is bonded with unity and unconditional love. Loyalty, trust and respect are just only a few components of a marriage. What molds and holds the hearts together is everlasting love.

Photo: Joannalee Maldonado and  Jason Henry with their beautiful family on their wedding day.  Cristian Simescu Photography.

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