Must See Places – St. Croix, Virgin Islands


  • Frederiksted and Christiansted are the two main towns on St. Croix.
  • Eliza James-McBean Clock Tower and Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility. Strand Street, Frederiksted
  • Cruzan Gardens offers an assortment of vegetation with tropical flowers plus the oldest and largest nursery and landscape company since 1963. Midland Road in Estate Calquoun
  • St. George Village Botanical Gardens has abundant vegetation with a historical Great House for weddings and  receptions. Estate St. George, Frederiksted
  • Cruzan Rum Distillery legendary St. Croix rum since 1760. Estate Diamond, Frederiksted
  • Captain Morgan Rum Distillery makes the second largest selling rum brand in the world. Melvin Evans Highway in Estate Annaberg
  • Estate Whim Plantation Museum, Landmarks Society historic sugar plantation of St. Croix since 1710. Estate Whim, Frederiksted
  • Lawaetz Family Museum is an 18th century Danish plantation with historical ruins on the west end. Estate Little LaGrange, Frederiksted
  • Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve is the National Historic Park site where Christopher Columbus landed 1493. Salt River Bay
  • Buck Island Reef National Park is an underwater monument designated to protect the coral reef system. Buck Island, Christiansted
  • Millennium Monument Point Udall is the most eastern point in the United States. East End, Christiansted
  • Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts shows artwork from artists in a historic building on the waterfront in Frederiksted, and has a beautiful courtyard for weddings. Strand Street, Frederiksted
  • Estate Mount Washington has a Labyrinth for meditation and is located in the ruins of an 18th century plantation. Mount Washington, Frederiksted
  • Government House Christiansted has impressive Danish colonial architecture, 1749. King Street, Christiansted
  • Fort Christiansvaern is Christiansted National Historic site since 1749. Provides Virgin Islands history and culture. Christiansted town
  • Fort Frederik is a U.S National Historic Landmark in Frederiksted built in the 18th century and the site for emancipation of the slaves and Buddhoe Park. Frederiksted town
  • St. Croix Rainforest. Creque Dam Road and Scenic Road, Frederiksted
  • Creque Dam. Rainforest, Frederiksted
  • Beer Drinking Pigs at Mt. Pellier Domino Club. Rainforest, Frederiksted
  • The Hams Bluff Light Station was designed and built in 1915 by the Danish government.  It is situated on the northwestern coast of St. Croix. West End, Frederiksted
  • Sugar Mill. Estate Rust Op Twist sugar plantationsChurches:
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1772. King Street, Christiansted
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 1848. Prince Street, Frederiksted
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 1792. Hospital and Hill Street, Frederiksted
  • St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 1848. Prince and Market Street, Frederiksted
  • Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, 1755. Queen Street, Christiansted


All photos courtesy of Denise Bennerson, Photographer

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