50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration – Helen & Carlos Peña Sr. – St. Croix

By Mrs. Helen Peña

I came to St. Croix as a teenager from Nevis. My first place of employment was in Ann Abramson’s Laundry. During that time, I developed a custom of going to Carlos family’s house; this is where I met him.

Over a period of time he was the aggressive one. He asked and we went out on dates. In the early sixties, we would drive around St. Croix from Frederiksted to Christiansted town and when Carlos parents would go shopping I went along with them. He then proposed and we got married on August 16, 1963 at St. Joseph Church in Mount Pleasant, Frederiksted St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

I believe that my faith and belief in God, supplied the strength to continue and a goal to stay married through the good and bad times. Last year, we were very happy about the celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, because when we first got married we did not have a big reception.

We are very proud of our four children and five grandchildren. I want to thank God for the strength and health and everything he has provided for me thus far.

Photo Top:  Peña’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake at the Reception

Photo Bottom:  Mrs. Helen and Mr. Carlos Peña Sr. at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.  Denise Bennerson, Photographer

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