The Saga of Cake Toppers

By Judy Bain

After the Bride’s dress the next secret aimed at wowing the wedding guest is the cake and the Cake Topper. Starting almost a century ago it is said that cake toppers originated not only to be the crowning glory of the bridal cake, but also to be the visual declaration of the couple’s love for each other.

Hence the traditional couple, in bridal wear, a top the multiple tier cake holding hands, kissing or being carried over the imaginary threshold. Presently, this is no longer the case. Couples are expressing their customs, culture, life interest and hopes for the future in those figures that grace the top of the wedding cake.

Created out of a variety of materials, cake toppers are poised to become an important part of the mementos of the wedding as more couples choose custom made toppers to reflect their personalities or common interest. Avid golfers request golfing toppers, dancers are pleased with dancing couples, musicians and chefs all gracing the tops of the cake. The monogram topper is also popular, in which the names or initials of the couple are used in a designed background.

One unique company if commissioned to produce the topper, requests pictures of the couple, because they specialize in making the likeness of the couple in the figurines that are carved or molded.

Ethnic toppers are fast entering the market, with designers catering to the various cultures of the bride and groom. In some cultures the groom also has a cake. Cake toppers for the groom’s cake could become a fad. Whatever your choice there are artists willing to make your dreams come true.

Another consideration is location. If you are planning an island get away, such as St. Croix, wedding on the beach or in the ruins of an eighteen century great house, then your cake topper can reflect sea life in the first instance or bridal figures in eighteen century costumes in the second. Even cultural figures of the island culture might fire your imagination, creating topics of discussion among your guests.

Sometimes if a couple wish to share the humorous side of their relationship; the cake top is the ideal place. The groom trying to run away from the bride is sometimes used; two love birds building a nest with the male bird doing all of the work. A tradition could evolve where brides use a topper that was used by her parents, creating a linage.

We at Caribbean Cultural Dolls pride ourselves in providing unique cake toppers made in St. Croix for your wedding cake. They are beautifully hand woven and the colors complement any wedding idea or theme. Contact us at 340-277-1266 information and other creative ideas.

Photo Left: Bride and Groom Motorcycle cake topper courtesy of  Afonso Lima. Photo Right: Bride and Groom Beach cake topper courtesy of Roger Kirby.

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