Home Sweet Home

By Randy S. Germain

Welcome to my home sweet home, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. We are indeed delighted to share with you our history, culture and natural beauty that surrounds us in this wonderful St. Croix.

We are blessed and we welcome you to share with us the abundance of our island’s beauty. During your stay in St. Croix, take a moment to enjoy our beautiful weather, our warm blue waters and our bright sunny skies. Enjoy our local and tropical spices that create the unique and distinct flavors of our foods.

St. Croix is a wonderful place in our world. It is filled with extraordinary people, beautiful places and wonderful things. Our vegetation consists of many beautiful green trees, the assortment of exotic and tropical flowers…red flamboyant too. And they blossom many times all year through.

We have beautiful rainbows, deep blue skies and easy to see starry nights. Do take the time to intermingle with our people; I have seen many of them grow from baby to adult. And there is love and happiness all about. What I am really saying is “Welcome to St. Croix” my “Home Sweet Home.”

Thank you for choosing to make St. Croix a part of your world and for making it your distinctive Caribbean Wedding destination. Once more, I welcome you to my home and hope that your experience with us will bring you back again and again. Welcome to our wonderful world.

Photo Top: “The Bridge” in beautiful nursery, “Cruzan Gardens”. Photo Bottom: Beautiful Palm Tree next to Whim Museum. Both photos courtesy of Denise Bennerson.

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